Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Driehoek Exhibition

The past three weeks in Ptown people have been buzzing about Driehoek. Our curiosity have made us restless to such an extent that we literally can't wait another second longer for the exhibition date to arrive! I have had hypothetical fights with some friends over buying some of the exhibition work that they've posted on Facebook! So you might wonder who these cool kids are and why they love geometrics. Well then you've come to the right place.

Driehoek is an illustration collective which consists of Megan Bird and Lizanne Visser. They love drawing.... "A LOT"! A year ago they decided to start an illustration collective and called it Driehoek, not only because they love geometric shapes, but also because they are two people who want to share their love of drawing with others. Working with a third party allows them to form a triangle. We love it!

Their work varies from very serious and highly detailed, to quirky and minimalistic. Here are a few examples of their work and what you can expect from the exhibition:

For more information, visit their Facebook page. We hope that you will come to support these creative Ptown Girls!

Pretoria Liefde

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