A night at the movies

In celebration of Women’s Month in August, I Love Pretoria partnered with Ster-Kinekor Brooklyn for a fun girls’ night out at the movies.

We invited our readers to join us for an exclusive pre-screening of the South African dramatic comedy, Dis koue kos skat on 25 August.

The film stars South African silver-screen favourites, Anna-Mart van der Merwe, Elzabe Zietsman and Frank Opperman in a mouth-watering, heart-warming tale of Clara Brand, who discovers that her husband, Bernard, is cheating on her with her friend and colleague, Anais, after which things take a turn for the worse. With her marriage falling apart, a ruined friendship and the pressure of having to keep it together for the sake of her two beautiful children, Clara decides to move her family from Johannesburg to Cape Town in an attempt to save her sanity. Here, Clara rediscovers her passion for food, begins new friendships and re-enters the world of dating for the first time in twenty years, all the while plotting her revenge on the people who wronged her.

From the pen of the legendary Marita van der Vyver, this beautiful story has just the right amount of tear-jerking moments, combined with clever humour and absolutely brilliant performances by actors who really should be sharing the screen more often. A lot can also be said about the direction by Etienne Fourie, which had us laughing out loud and unfortunately left us very, VERY hungry afterwards.

Thank you to all our readers who joined us for this exciting event and to Ster-Kinekor Brooklyn who made all of this possible and were wonderful hosts.



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